Iran criticizes world powers over possible gold sanctions

Iran news headlines on Monday include Iran criticizing world powers over possible gold sanctions; Iran releasing indigenously-built warship, Jamaran 2 in the coming months; Netanyahu remarks over sanctions not preventing Iran to reach atomic program and China approval of joining Iran high-speed railway project.
Iran scolds world powers over gold sanctions “offer”

Iran criticised on Monday a reported plan by major powers to demand the closure of a uranium enrichment plant in return for an easing of sanctions on Tehran’s trade in gold and other precious metals, Iranian media reported.

The Islamic Republic, which says its nuclear programme is peaceful, started building the Fordow plant inside a mountain in secret as early as 2006, to protect it from air strikes.

Iran to unveil Jamaran 2 warship: Defense minister

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has announced the upcoming unveiling of the indigenously-built warship, Jamaran 2.

Vahidi said on Monday that Jamaran 2, a Wave-class warship, and new models of flying boats would be unveiled in the coming months.

Netanyahu: North Korea proof that sanctions won’t stop Iran

Prime minister tells Jewish Agency Board of Governors that without “robust, credible military threat, Iran won’t stop its drive for nuclear weapons; calls on JAFI to extend chairman Sharansky’s term another 4 years.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday stated that sanctions on Iran would not stop its nuclear program, pointing to North Korea as an example of the failure of sanctions to halt a country’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

China said to approve joining Iran high-speed railway project

China’s State Council approved plans to take part in the construction of a high-speed railway line in Iran, two people familiar with the matter said.

The project will cost at least $1 billion and the companies participating haven’t yet been set, said the two people, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the matter.


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  1. naser behnia

    Iran has almost come to the end of the road with the gang of 5+1 . Iran will either have to sever all ties with the United Nations or change its strategy. Let us assume if Iran by her own accord and willingly brings every nuclear facility to a total destruction there will still be other demands will be surfacing from the United Nations with certain countries hiding under and behind the Blue flag. Iran needs and must change its approach by openly pursuing its rights under the charter and the laws of the United Nation by pursuing legal actions in international courts against illegal actions of nations whom are clearly breaking their own placed laws. All nations have the right to pursue or sever ties of economic, social, political or any other relations they may desire, but no nation should have the right to stress its wills on other nations. Present Iranian government should not look too far back in our history to see how a single man such as Dr. Mossadegh shook the foundation of oil cartels and gangsters from Euroupe. We must have the will to take on any power that is unjust to our country and people. WILL is more important than anything else. Churchill said: “we defeated Hitler, but we could not deal with a bald headed Iranian holding a pen !!!”
    History is truly a lesson, if we decide to learn from it. Iranian people should sue any and all countries whom have wrongfuly treated us. The creation of the United Nations has solely been for this purpose but all have forgotten about it, hence every action by this organization has been controled to the benefit of a few countries as we know.