Defense minister: Iran’s cruise, ballistic missiles capable of striking U.S. warships in region

Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said Iran’s cruise and ballistic missiles are capable of striking U.S. warships that are located in the regional waters, Fars news agency reported.

He noted that Iran’s deployment of anti-ship missiles on its Southern coast is a blow to U.S. strategic goals in the region.

Vahidi also stressed on the importance of Iran’s naval forces in securing the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

Previously Vahidi said that the Asian countries would rule the world after the hegemonic powers collapse.

“The countries that have naval and marine control, will take on major role in administration at the world arena,” he noted.

Vahidi noted that despite that the Western nations want to keep their domination over the international community, in the future Iran would play a strong role in the world, regarding its strategic position among the nations.

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