Iran against atomic bomb: Larijani

ISLAMABAD: Iranian Parliament Shoura-e-Islami Speaker Dr Ali Larijani has said that the US has inflicted enormous damage to the region and promoted destruction in Afghanistan where it came to eliminate terrorism 11 years ago.

He said the Americans throughout smuggled narcotics and opium from Kabul, Kandahar and Bagram air bases to Diego Garcia Islands and from there the whole lot was used to sell to the West.

Larijani who served his country as chief negotiator on nuclear programme has made it clear that his country has already termed the nuclear bomb and weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) as un-Islamic (haram) in the light of the decree given by Imam Khomeini.

Addressing a news conference here Tuesday evening, Larijani said Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is a strategic project and hoped that people of Pakistan have the will to go ahead as it is in their interest.

He was flanked by Iran’s ambassador to Pakistan Ali Reza Haghighian. He said Iran has opened a credit line to help Pakistan build its part of the pipeline as Iranian part is already complete.

Iran is rich in oil and gas and wants to benefit the Ummah so that it could develop and progress, he said. Iran is already providing gas to Turkey and it would be good for Pakistan to receive Iranian gas, he said.

He said Imam Khomeini had asked for assisting Muslim countries across the globe. To a query about US pressure on the issue, he said, “We have left behind the era of unilateralism.”

He said the people of Pakistan and Iran are wise enough not to allow outside interference into their affairs. Asked to comment on Indian criticism of Pakistan’s decision to hand over management of Gwadar port to a Chinese company, the Iranian Speaker said it is for the government of Pakistan to make its decisions. The people of Iran feel very close to people of Pakistan, he said.

He said Shia and Sunni are brothers and will remain so for ever. He said the enemies are sowing seeds of discord among Muslims despite the fact that ‘we believe in one God, one Prophet (PBUH) and one Book’.

Replying to a question about Iranian nuclear programme, Larijani said that there is no place for nuclear bomb in Iranian nuclear doctrine. Iranian Supreme Leader Imam Khomeini in a religious decree categorically stated that development of weapons of mass destruction was forbidden. He said what Iran was insisting on is nuclear knowledge and technology as no other country has the right to decide what course Iran or any other country should purpose. He said Iran has no aggressive designs against any country of the region.

Asked whether there was any connection between Iran and North Korea on nuclear issue, he said Iran has access to nuclear knowledge and technology and doesn’t need any cooperation from countries like North Korea. In the context of North Korean nuclear test, he said the US is continuously developing nuclear bombs and using depleted uranium in wars and conflicts. This is one of the major reasons of proliferation of nuclear weapons. Yet to another question about threats of American or Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear installations, Larijani said no saner element can think about such a dangerous proposition. He said Iran has received information that a lot of narcotics and drugs are being transacted from Kandahar, Bagram and Kabul to Diego Garcia island for onward smuggling to other countries. He wondered how this could happen without knowledge or cooperation of NATO forces that control Kabul and Kandahar airports.

He said that there should be no military interference in Syria. He regretted that majority of Muslim countries did not take serious notice of Israeli aggression against Syria.

By The News International


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