Pakistan pushes through IP gasline feasibility report

ISLAMABAD – In a uniquely unprecedented development, Pakistan has pushed the feasibility report on the design of the mega $1.5 billion Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project through that was taking forever to enter into a phase of materialisation.

The restlessness and confusion over Pakistan’s move in the crooked American corridors was evident the moment they sprang into action, seeking to stop the project. Nevertheless, the two neighbouring states gave a hopelessly pathetic shoulder to Uncle Sam’s pressure, as rightly appreciated by credibly covert sources of this correspondent in the petroleum sector.

“Those who have signed this great project are the sons of the soil. They have duly abided by the greatest responsibility on their shoulders to shrug off the unwarranted pressure from the Americans. The history will remember them,” a well placed source in the Petroleum Ministry told this scribe. The source minced no words to salute the greatness of the architects of the project.

The gas from Iran will reach Pakistan by December next year. Both sides will sit tight to each other’s cleaned ears to whisper what is believed as a historically monumental strategy to go about this great project on Tuesday (today).

Pakistani team has asked  Iranian team to provide thorough details of the work plan of the project, its cost and its quality, according to the sources.

Iranian delegation is headed by deputy chief of Tadbir Company and Pakistan’s side is led by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources secretary.

that also included managing director of the Inter-State Gas Systems (ISGS) and senior officials of the finance and law ministries.

The project that will be completed by December 2014 will first bring 750 million cubic feet gas per day through 781-kilometre-long pipeline with a diameter of 42 inches, and later on, the gas flow will increase to 1 billion cubic feet per day.

By The Nation


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