Mojgan Roustaei, entrepreneur and first female crocodile farmer in Iran

Tejarat-e Farda published an  interview with Mojgan Roustaei, owner of the first crocodile farm, as example of female entrepreneurship in Iran.

Mojgan Roustaei, 29, is known as “solely crocodile farmer” in Iran. she is also the youngest female entrepreneur of  the country. Her crocodile farm is located in Qeshm, Island, in the South of Iran.

In an interview with Tejarat-e Farda, she said that, “I have a special interest in crocodiles, they are patient animals and it is considered an innovative industry in Iran.”

“we (my husband and I) started this work after it was announced that  raising of crocodiles in order to produce leather is religiously legitimate. Besides, it should be mentioned that my husband contributed much to this project” she added.

she started to establish the crocodile farm three years ago in Qeshm Island due to tropical conditions of the island.