Photos: Iran successfully launches monkey into space

Iran has successfully launched a rocket carrying a monkey into space, according to Iranian state media, in what Iranian officials call a “prelude to sending humans into space.”

The monkey was sent in an “indigenous bio-capsule” called Pishgam, which is Farsi for “Pioneer”. Pishgam reached an altitude of more than 75 miles and made a successful return.

By Pakistan Defence

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  1. Kevin

    This was suborbital right? Personally irans manned space missions look a bit ambiogous to me. Iran’s most powerful rocket the Safir can only take a tiny 27kg to a 250KM low earth orbit. For a manned mission you will need at least 5000kg to LEO lift capablity. The other rocket under development by iran is simorgh but that only lifts 60kg to 500KM orbit. See what i am saying? Unless iran somehow by some miracle manages to build a rocket with 5000kg to LEO capcity it can’t launch humans into space. BTW by humans in space i mean orbital launches, suborbitals do not count 🙂