Today’s top headlines in Iran, 22-01-2013

Saeed MortazaviToday’s top headlines in Iran include appointing Saeed Mortazavi as caretaker of the Social Security Organization; Ahmadinejad speech over bypassing sanctions against Iran; protest of Iranian laborers in front of Majlis and rising the price of USD on Iran’s free market.


Saeed Mortazavi appointed as caretaker of Social Security Organization

According to Mehr, Mohammad-Reza Rahimi first vice president appointed Saeed Mortazavi, former Tehran prosecutor as caretaker of the Social Security Organization. Mortazavi who has been allegedly  implicated in deaths of prisoners in  Iran’s 2009 presidential election events.

Iran can make 10 times more money than oil sales by innovations: Ahmadinejad

By the new innovations that Iran achieved, the country can make 10 times more money than its oil sales, Fars quoted Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying. “Iran doesn’t care if Western countries purchase our oil or not,” he  said, adding that no one will be able to pressure the Islamic Republic.

Iranian laborers stage protest in front of parliament

The labor workers of Iranian Khuzestan and Khorasan Razavi province factories have gathered in front of country’s parliament, staging a protest, ILNA reported. The workers protested against their salary being delayed for about 10 months.

USD price reaches 36,300 rials on Iran’s free market

The US dollar was sold at a price of 36,300 rials on the free market on Tuesday. This comes as Iran’s Supreme Audit Court voted to dismiss Central governor, Mahmoud bahmani over his performance that has exposed the country’s political faultlines.