Report: Armenia offers Iran a way to evade international sanctions by West

flagBaku. Konul Jafarli – APA. For more than 20 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has appeared as the main and most reliable ally of the republic of Armenia.

Since Iran recognized Armenia’s independence on December 25, 1991, the two countries have strengthened their political relationship on many occasions and have committed themselves to realize numerous common projects in the economic field, says the report issued by the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC), APA reports.

“In Tehran view, the special relationship with Armenia offers a way to evade international sanctions and pursue its nuclear ambitions. It is aimed at struggling against largely imagined Azeri “irredentism” and at weakening Azerbaijan as part of the competition for Caspian Sea’s hydrocarbon resources. Taking a position into the Caucasus lastly allows Iran to oppose the involvement of the United States and of the European Union in the region and to respond the strategic ambitions of its traditional foes: Turkey and Israel.

Tehran and Yerevan have also announced on multiple occasions the opening of negotiations on a free trade agreement that would boost Armenian exports towards Iran, which are still undermined by strict custom barriers. Another fundamental project is the agreement for the building of a 470-kilometer =railway line ensuring a secure access for Iranian goods towards the Black Sea and for Armenia towards the Persian Gulf.

The import-export relation with Iran is particularly noticeable in the statistics. According to the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission, Iran is the fourth major trade partners of Armenia. A more refined analysis of the import-export figures between the countries underlines a particular cooperation in mineral fuel, oils and artefacts of iron and steel. The variety of activity sectors concerned by the bilateral cooperation is a clear indication of the rapid development of trade relations between Iran and Armenia.
These facts and figures underline the tremendous importance of the trade relations between Iran and Armenia for the latter’s economic survival. The country has often looked forward to be less dependent on Russia and to protect itself from the wary relationship with Azerbaijan. In turn, Armenia became more dependent upon Iran over the years to import and export goods vital for its economy. The economic indicators show the intensification of Iran’s relations with Armenia,” the report says.



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