Iran English language newspaper headlines on Monday, 21-01-2013

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Syrian FM calls on opposition groups to join peace talks

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has called on the “nationalistic opposition” groups to lay down their weapons and join talks for the formation of a wide representative government.

Official: ‘Numerous’ other bodies at Algeria plant

Algerian bomb squads scouring a gas plant where Islamist militants took dozens of foreign workers hostage found “numerous” new bodies on Sunday as they searched for explosive traps left behind by the attackers, a security official said, a day after a bloody raid ended the four-day siege of the remote desert refinery.

Rohingya Muslims experiencing poor conditions in Myanmar: Iran

Iranian MP Esmaeil Haqiqatpour, who recently visited Myanmar with a number of other Iranian officials to assess the situation of ethnic Rohingya Muslims, said on Sunday that Muslims in Myanmar are experiencing poor conditions.

Envoy says Venezuela open to better ties with U.S.

Venezuela’s government is open to improving troubled ties with Washington and is considering a U.S. proposal for the return of anti-drug agents kicked out of the country eight years ago by President Hugo Chavez, a senior official said.

Ahmadinejad rejects Central Bank chief’s retirement request

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has rejected Central Bank of Iran Governor Mahmoud Bahmani’s request that he be allowed to retire.

Thousands rally against stricter gun control in U.S.

Gun advocates — some with rifles slung across shoulders or pistols holstered at the hip — have rallied peacefully in state capitals nationwide against President Barack Obama’s sweeping federal gun-control proposals.

Scholars from 102 countries invited to Islamic unity conference in Tehran

Scholars from 102 countries have been invited to attend the 26th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran.

Hassan Khomeini says he will not run for president

Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the late Imam Khomeini, said on Sunday that he will not stand as a candidate in next presidential election.

Washington refuses to release Iranian professor on bail

In a new move against Iranian scientists, Washington has refused to release on bail Iranian professor Mojtaba Atarodi held in the United States, an Iranian Foreign Ministry official says.

Yemen’s anti-Iran claims meant to promote Iranophobia: Iranian MP

Yemen’s allegations that ‘Iranian intelligence agents’ operate in the country are made in line with the Iranophobia project of the United States in the Middle East, an Iranian lawmaker says.

‘Talks between Iran, Europe could pave the way for increased cooperation’

Hassan Rohani, Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator, has said that “constructive” bilateral talks between Iran and Europe on the country’s nuclear program could pave the way for increased cooperation.

‘U.S., NATO seeking to create chaos in Iraq’

Qatar and Turkey receive orders from the United States and NATO to create insecurity in Iraq, says an Iranian lawmaker.


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Americans Slam US Support of Israel

Americans have taken to the streets in Washington DC to condemn US President Barack Obama’s financial support for Israel, as his country continues to reel in economic doldrums.

British Troops Face Fresh Iraq Torture, Killing Charges

Britain will face fresh charges of breaching international law over the alleged torture and killing of prisoners during the war in Iraq, which began almost exactly 10 years ago. The allegations will be unveiled in the high court, when Britain will stand accused of a “systemic” policy of abuse committed over five years, from 2003 to 2008.

Syrian FM Calls on Rebels to Lay Down Arms, Negotiate

Syria’s foreign minister invited the country’s rebels on Saturday to lay down their weapons and take part in a national dialogue, saying everyone who participates will be included in a new Cabinet with wide executive powers.

Iran Against Global Suppression System

Commander of Basij (volunteer) force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi stressed Iran’s influential role in the world despite all efforts by enemies to impede the country’s rise.

Rich Nations Urged To Fight Global Hunger

Iran’s Agriculture Minister Sadeq Khalilian has called on industrialized countries to intensify their efforts in tackling global hunger.

Global LNG Price Spikes

Global prices for liquefied natural gas are rising toward record highs this year as increasing demand runs up against stuttering supply, threatening to drive up fuel costs in some of the world’s biggest economies.

Iran Ready to Mediate In Karabakh Dispute

Iran’s Ambassador to Baku Mohsen Pakaien has underlined Tehran’s readiness to mediate between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Karabakh dispute.