Today’s top headlines in Iran, 20-01-2013

Iran's central bankToday’s top headlines in Iran include Iranian MPs plan to investigate Iran’s Central Bank; Iran’s Central Bank chief request for retirement; government decision to allocate credit to low-income people and cutting fuel subsidies for certain types of cars.


Iranian MPs to investigate Central Bank over currency crisis

According to Fars news agency, 171 Iranian lawmakers in an open session on Sunday agreed on plan of probing Iran’s Central Bank over response to its rial’s fall.


Head of Iran’s Central Bank asks for retirement

Mahmoud Bahmani, the head of the Iran’s Central Bank complained intensely about Majlis investigation of Central bank and asked for retirement. An informed source said that his retirement demand was accepted, Mehr reported.

Iran’s government plans to allocate credit to low-income people

An Iranian MP announced that government and Majlis in a joint meeting decided to allocate credit card to low-income people following economic crisis due to western sanctions imposed over Iran’s nuclear program, Mehr said.

Iran cuts fuel subsidies for certain types of cars

Iran has ended supplies of subsidized gasoline for cars with engines of 1,800cc and bigger, ISNA reported on Sunday. Iranians with cars pay 4,000 rials (33 cents) a liter for a monthly allowance of 60 liters and 7,000 rials a liter for larger volumes. Such cars will be only supplied with 300 liters of gasoline per month at 7,000 rials a liter, Ghatreh quoted ISNA as saying.