Women join Iran Riot Police

Iranian Female PoliceTEHRAN, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Commander of Iran Riot Police says Women’s Unit in the Riot Police has been operational and that cavalry and SEPKA (Iran Investigation Police Dogs) units are ready for the containing the riots.

Providing comments on the deployment of female officers in the Riot Police, Brigadier General Hassan Karami told Mehr News that the plan for recruitment of female officers in the Riot Police was proposed this year so that the Police would have a unit of women operational battalion at times of crisis.

He also said that that the structural outlines of the unit was passed and approved by the Chief of Police, and added “the missions for the female unit in the Riot Police have been defined according to operations in investigation, in-action, arrest, transport, and interrogation sections.”

“If we do not succeed in operationalizing the women unit this year, for sure the first female police will start service in the Riot Police next year [starting April],” asserted the Chief of the Riot Police.

He believed that these female units receive different training and have different features, and said that the Riot Police female officers should be physically strong and agile.

Karami said that currently only one such unit for the recruitment of female officers was specified, adding that “the unit can grow stronger at critical times. The officers must display high capabilities.”

Providing comments on other Riot Police units, Karami said that currently the Cavalry unit, a special unit for riots, and the parachute unit, with most competent paratroopers of the Armed Forces, operated in the units.

“The hostage rescue unit, with the most competent forces across the country, the SEPKA unit (Iran Investigation Police Dogs and Marches Control Police Dogs), and the Naval Unit are among other subunits in the Riot Police,” he added.

Karami pointed to the operation of disarmament and anti-terrorist units in the Riot Police and said “the special Women Officers Unit will be added to the Riot Police by next year.”

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