US must show change in practice: Iranian cmdr.

hossein_salamiA top Iranian commander says the Islamic Republic has not trusted and will not trust claims made by US officials unless they make practical changes to their attitude vis-à-vis Iran.

“The Islamic Republic has not and will not trust the words of US authorities, unless practical changes are made,” Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami said on Monday.

Referring to the nomination of former US Senator Chuck Hagel for the position of defense secretary in the US, Salami said, “The US policy-makers make interesting claims, but, considering their actions, their words are meaningless for us.”

US President Barack Obama on January 7 nominated Hagel for the position of defense secretary despite political uproar over the nomination.

At a White House press conference Obama said Hagel is “the leader our troops deserve,” and praised his “willingness to speak his mind.”

Salami said the US strategy and interests dictate the policies of the country’s officials.

Hagel left the Senate in 2008. Certain comments by him have been interpreted as being against the Israeli regime.

The 66-year-old was the first Republican senator to publicly criticize the war in Iraq, calling it the worst foreign policy blunder since the Vietnam War, and has, on several occasions, opposed any plan to launch a military strike against Iran.

By Press TV


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