Iran’s Revolutionary Guards hold exercises in Strait of Hormuz

navalIran news headlines on Sunday include IRGC testing new equipments and battle tactics in the strategic Strait of Hormuz; Iran’s Filtering Committee accusing Google of spying Iranian clients; Iranian Oil Ministry spokesman remarks over country’s oil export; Netanyahu denial of wasting money on Iran attack plans and Iran seizure of over a ton of narcotics a day from smugglers.

IRGC tests new weapons in Strait of Hormuz

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps tested its modern weapons and the latest achievements during tactical drills staged in the IRGC’s first naval zone to exercise modern warfare. The IRGC’s first naval zone is specifically tasked with maintaining security in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

Google is spying users: Iran’s Filtering Committee

The Filtering Committee has recently published a report on and accused Google of spying users specially those clients from Iran. “Google has made a great infrastructure for Internet users to ease the communications. Base on U.S. laws Google says it doesn’t violate the privacy of its clients, but this may be not applicable to people from other countries.” the statement read.

Iran faces no problem in oil sales: Oil Ministry official

The Iranian Oil Ministry spokesman says Iran faces no problem selling its oil despite tough US-engineered sanctions against the Islamic Republic. “We do not have even one crude oil barrel without customer in the Persian Gulf region at present,” Alireza Nikzad-Rahbar said on Saturday, adding that there is no Iranian crude oil saved in oil tankers.

Netanyahu denies wasting money on Iran attack plans

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday dismissed allegations by predecessor Ehud Olmert that he wasted billions of dollars preparing for a strike on Iran that did not take place.

Iran confiscates over a ton of narcotics a day

Iran’s media are reporting that police confiscate over a ton of narcotics a day from smugglers. Gen. Ali Moayedi, head of Iran’s anti-narcotics police, is quoted by newspapers Sunday as saying that some 30 drug smugglers and addicts are identified and arrested every hour in Iran. He said over 200,000 were detained in the past nine months alone.


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