Iran English newspaper language headlines on Sunday, 13-01-2013

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Pakistani Shia Muslims hold protests over Quetta carnage

Thousands of Pakistani Shia Muslims staged demonstrations on Friday and Saturday across the country to condemn the recent bomb attacks in Pakistan in which more than 100 people, including many Shias, were killed.

Iraqis hold pro-government demo in Baghdad

Iraqis have once again staged a mass pro-government rally in the capital Baghdad to throw their weight behind Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government.

Salehi thanks Qatar, Turkey, Syria over release of Iranian religious tourists

During telephone conversations Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has thanked the foreign ministers of Qatar and Turkey as well as a number of Syrian officials for their efforts to obtain the release of the 48 Iranian religious tourists, who were abducted in Syria in August 2012.

Russia rejects Assad exit as precondition for Syria deal

Russia voiced support on Saturday for international peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi but insisted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s exit cannot be a precondition for a deal to end the country’s conflict.

All elections held in Iran have been sound: cleric

The leader of this week’s Friday prayers in Tehran has said that all the elections which have been held in Iran over the past 33 years have been sound.

Iran finding some ways to evade sanctions: U.S. Treasury Department

Despite onerous sanctions against Iran, the country is still finding some ways to bypass them, the Treasury Department said on Thursday, describing what it called an “emerging threat” to the effectiveness of the sanctions effort, according to the New York Times.

Stalled Iran talks must be kick-started, Russia says

Russia has voiced concern at the delay of an agreement between world powers and Iran to start new nuclear talks, the Interfax news agency reported.

Iran denies claims it is holding former FBI agent hostage

Iran has denied claims that it is holding retired FBI agent Robert Levinson hostage. The family of Levinson, who reportedly went missing in Iran in 2007 on the Iranian island of Kish, have released pictures of him dressed in an orange jumpsuit like a Guantanamo Bay prisoner, the Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

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US to Expedite Afghan Troop Transition

US President Obama moved Friday toward a faster reduction of US forces in Afghanistan and laid the groundwork with Afghan President Hamid Karzai for a small troop presence in the country after the American mission formally ends there in 2014.

World Shares Hit 8-Month High

World stock prices rose to an eight-month high and oil prices climbed as news of stronger-than-expected Chinese exports raised hopes of a more robust recovery for the global economy this year.

Riyadh ‘Executive Arm’ Of US in Mideast

A member of Majlis said Saudi Arabia acts as the ‘executive arm’ of the United States to help Washington implement its policies in the Middle East.

Sanctions Aim To Paralyze Economy

Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mehdi Ghazanfari said sanctions against the Islamic Republic aim to paralyze the country’s economy.