Pakistani Senator supports Iran’s peaceful N-program

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tours a nuclear research reactor in TehranISLAMABAD, Jan 10 (APP): Senator from Pakistani ruling party supported Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme and termed as baseless pressure imposed on Islamic Republic in this regard.

Talking to IRNA Senator Saeed Ghani of Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPP-P) said that Iran is a peace-loving country and has the right to develop itself in technology sector like any other country of the world. The parliamentarian added that Iran has been saying that they are developing their nuclear programme for peaceful purposes so there is no reason left for the West to raise questions on Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme.

The lawmaker was of the opinion that some countries of the region, including and particulalry the Zionist regime, are afraid of the development  of Iran. “The Zionist regime doesn’t want Iran to attain nuclear technology,”  he noted.

The politician added that the Iranians have constantly expressed  their determination to continue their peaceful nuclear policy and would not  bow down to western pressures.

“The West has been criticizing Iran’s nuclear programme only because  it would be very difficult for them to see a strong Muslim state as a nuclear power”, viewed the Senator.

By Associated Press of Pakistan

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