Iran says all objectives of naval drills achieved

velayat 91Iran news headlines on Thursday include Iran concluding Velayat-91 drills; Obama signing a $633b defense bill for tightening Iran penalties; An Iranian lawmaker statements on Turkey suffering of supporting Syria militants; an Israeli intelligence claim on Syria and Hezbollah not joining Iran in war against Israel; Iranian MPs plan to visit Myanmar and How Turkey, Russia benefit from Iran sanctions.


Iran wraps up 6-day wargame in southern waters, says goals met

Iran’s navy wrapped up a six-day military drill around the Strait of Hormuz aimed at displaying the country’s readiness to defend the waterway. Navy spokesman Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari praised operational units’ swift response after the military exercise ended yesterday, according to a report published by state-run Press TV.

Obama signs $633b defense bill, tightening Iran penalties

Defense bill, which Obama had threatened to veto, also bolsters security at diplomatic missions. U.S. President Barack Obama has signed a $633 billion defense bill for next year that tightens penalties on Iran and bolsters security at diplomatic missions worldwide after the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Turkey will pay price for supporting Syria militants: Iran MP

An Iranian lawmaker says the Turkish government will suffer the consequences of its wrong policy of supporting militants in Syria. “Supporting the extremist groups, which have infiltrated into Syria from different countries and have no respect for any principle, is one of the wrong policies that the Ankara government is pursuing,” Aziz Akbarian said on Wednesday.


Syria and Hezbollah won’t join the fight if Israel strikes Iran, Israeli report claims

Foreign Ministry says Assad can’t help Tehran for fear of losing power, Israel would launch massive ground operation in Lebanon if attacked The ability of Tehran’s proxies to forcefully respond to an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities has dropped significantly in recent months, according to official assessments in Jerusalem.

Iranian MPs due in Myanmar to examine Rohingya Muslims’ situation

An Iranian parliamentary delegation will soon visit Myanmar to examine the latest situation of the ethnic Rohingya Muslims and find out ways to help the minority in the Southeast Asian country.


How Turkey, Russia benefit from Iran sanctions

Tougher US sanctions against Iran, recently approved by the US Senate, are expected to create new obstacles to Tehran’s nuclear-weapons program by expanding the list of embargoed items and companies trading in energy and related industries.


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