PUK appreciates Iran’s help in Talabani health problem

Iraq-TalabaniSulaymaniyah- The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan appreciated in a Saturday statement from Islamic Republic of Iran’s attempt in helping to improve PUK Leader Jalal Talabani’s health condition.

Releasing a statement, PUK political bureau appreciated Iranian official’s statements for readiness’ announcements to deliver any medical helps and also sending a medical team to supervise Talabani health condition.

The PUK political office, in the statement, stressed also on strategic agreement with Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

The statement also said the PUK officials discussed relation with separated Change Movement and stressed will continue negotiation to arrive in joint agreements.

The statement discussed Kurdistan Region’s relation with Baghdad and tensions over disputed regions, and stressed the Dijla Operation Command should be cancelled as soon as possible.

By Kurd Press


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