Photos: Iranian graphic designers fight pollution and climate change

iran graphic design climate change

What can graphic design do to help tackle environmental degradation? Well, these Iranian designers think a lot.

Exploring the nexus where art and nature meet, Iranian designers look at the environmental problems riddling their cities and the innovative ways they can resolve them. Whether it’s reducing the use of cars, discussing the place of graphic art in urban design or highlighted the seriousness of climate change, these graphic designers really have something to say (or is that draw?). The stunning graphic designs which follow were all finalists in the FeliCity design competition and were displayed at an art gallery in Tehran this September.

felicity iran graphic design climate change

Mohamad Adnani – Iran. New Sign For New City


iran graphic design climate change padina pourself

Padina Pourseif – Iran


“Growing trend of cities and pollution, has created a big problem today. This plan shows the city is polluted and crowded , that black smoke is everywhere. Please do not wait until the page completely becomes black – this is a request that all citizens reflect on a remedy for pollution before it’s too late and the city becomes all black. As the posters insists, demand ‘Help’.”

iran graphic design climate change afshin esmaili

Afshin Esmaili – Iran.

The Sorrow of greenness.

“Protest and opposition to the urban environment and destroying natural environment.”

iran graphic design climate change mohammad hajhashemi

Mohammad Hajhashemi- Iran.


“Natural resources take form after a very long time and have extremely low recycling rates. However their destruction by humans takes place incredibly fast. Considering their vital importance to living things and urban life, the difference between the rates of formation and consumption of these resources will mostly threaten the existence of the threatener itself.”

iran graphic design climate change shila sarraf

Ali Mohammad – Ganjalikhan/ Iran.

Channel for Change

“Rivers (or water) play an important role in urban life style and the healthy attitude of the community.”

Shila Sarraf- Iran

Urban structures require a re- think?

iran graphic design climate change caoon

Ali Afsarpour – Iran


“Step 1: Accept and admit that you need to change. This is a huge step. The fact that you already clicked on this article shows that you want to change, and know somewhere you have a problem.

Step 2: Think of all the things in your life you want better. Make a list of all the things, or the thing, that you want to change.

Step 3:Don’t set any limits to your change. If you think maybe, someone will make fun of you for trying to change, or maybe it isn’t possible, or that you just can’t, realize that it doesn’t matter! It’s a psychological change, so attitude plays a big part in your ability to succeed. Set small, easy goals that you know you can achieve and work your way up.

Step 4: Write the steps that you need to take to achieve the changes you want.”

iran graphic design climate change abd ali my lovely town

Ali Abdi- Iran

Does graphic art have a sense in times of urban crisis?

“When you live in a city that has too many problems and city officials do not understand Architecture, Urban Design & Environmental Graphic Design and access to basic needs of life is difficult for many people, and when their Environment, Beauty & Art are not considered the Graphic Arts performance loses its Communication feature and becomes Decorative Art.”

Now, our humble reader, your views. What do you think graphic design can do for the environment? Can it really inspire real action and real solutions or is it nothing more than clever designs? And where do increasingly popular infographics sit in all this? Have they helped promote the importance and role of graphic design for social change or replaced it forever?

By Green Prophet