Iranian lawmakers to impeach Education minister

Iran’s Minister of Education, Hamid Reza Hajji BabaiIran news headlines on Thursday include Iranian MPs gathering signatures to impeach Education Minister, UN nuclear inspectors arrival in Iran, Iran’s Foreign Ministry calling on the US to release Iranian scientist, Taiwan resuming Iranian crude imports and Iran launching thermal power plant near Tehran.

Iranian MPs seek signatures to impeach Education minister

35 Iranian MP signatures have been gathered for the impeachment of Hamid Reza Hajji Babai, Iran’s Minister of Education, Mehr reported. “Up to now, 35 MPs have signed impeachment petition, but final decision depends on the outcome of negotiations with ministry officials,” Iranian lawmaker Mousa al-Reza Servati announced.


U.N. nuclear inspectors arrive in Iran


Inspectors from the U.N. nuclear watchdog arrived in Tehran on Thursday, Iran’s Students’ News Agency (ISNA) reported, in an attempt to seal a deal to ease international concerns over Iran’s disputed nuclear program. Thursday’s talks in Tehran are the first such meeting between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran since August.

Iran urges release of Iranian scientist

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has called on the US administration to take immediate measures to release Iranian associate professor Mojtaba Atarodi who is under house arrest in the US. “One year has passed since Dr. Mojtaba Atarodi, one of the internationally renowned professors of Sharif University of Technology, was arrested on bogus charges by US police and Department of Justice,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday.

Taiwan resumes Iran oil imports in November after 7 month halt

Taiwan resumed Iranian crude imports from November after seven months as refiners sought to fulfill contractual commitments with the National Iranian Oil Co, refinery officials said on Thursday. Taiwan was one of the countries granted 180-day waivers to financial sanctions by the United States for cutting their oil purchases from the Islamic Republic.

Iran launches 2.8 GW thermal power plant: report

A thermal power plant, with a generation capacity of 2.8 gigawatts (GW), was officially inaugurated in Pakdasht, a city near Tehran, Tehran Times daily reported Thursday. The plant, the construction of which started in 2003, cost 270 million euros (about 353 million U.S. dollars) plus 5 trillion rials (about 400 million dollars), said the report.


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