UN officials to Tehran to seek nuclear openness

IAEA_2Iran news headlines on Wednesday include U.N. nuclear inspectors readiness to visit Iran’s Parchin site, Iran’s deputy judiciary chief remarks over  indictments against 18 American officials, Iran’s Foreign Ministry speech on Iran’s direct talks with the United States, A senior Iranian lawmaker claim of making copy of captured CIA drone, Iran’s shipping industry bearing harm safety due to sanctions and Iran releasing two new domestically produced helicopters.

IAEA hopes for access to Iran’s Parchin site

U.N. nuclear inspectors are ready to go to Iran’s disputed Parchin military complex if the Islamic state were to allow it during talks in Tehran later this week, a senior official said on Wednesday. The U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) believes Iran has carried out explosives tests with nuclear applications at Parchin, a sprawling facility southeast of Tehran, and has repeatedly asked for access to it.

Iran indicts 18 American officials, ex-officials

Iran’s deputy judiciary chief says the Islamic Republic has issued indictments against 18 unnamed current and former American officials on charges of involvement in “crimes against Iran.” His remarks did not indicate that any of the men were present in Iran. Ebrahim Raisi is quoted by the semiofficial Fars news agency Wednesday as saying that charges against the Americans include involvement in terrorist attacks.

Iran Foreign Ministry: Iran-US Direct talks, not a new issue

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has implicitly called Iran’s direct talks with the United States over its nuclear program as possible, saying that the country has not been formally proposed to negotiate.

Iran says it can make copy of captured CIA drone

A senior Iranian lawmaker says Tehran can now manufacture a copy of an advanced CIA spy drone captured last year. Avaz Heidarpour, who sits on parliament’s national security committee, says experts have reverse-engineered the RQ-170 Sentinel craft and Iran now is capable of launching a production line for the unmanned aircraft.

Iran says Western sanctions harm safety for ships

Western sanctions imposed over the past months against Iran’s shipping industry will seriously affect international maritime and environmental safety, a senior Iranian official said. Companies are cutting ties with Iran’s vital shipping sector, which transports most of its crude oil, for fear of losing lucrative U.S. business.

Iran shows domestically produced helicopters

Iran’s state TV says the country has put its first domestically produced helicopters into service, displaying them at an air show. The report says the 12-passenger Panha-1 and eight-passenger Panha-2 helicopters have military capabilities.


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