Iran ready to boost investment in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA: Iran is looking to boost investment in Ethiopia, the country’s Ambassador in Addis Ababa told Press TV on Sunday.

Ali Bahreini said that Tehran was ready to move on investing in the East African country. It has already done a large amount of investment in Ethiopia on energy infrastructure and hopes to boost other sectors.

“We acknowledge that Ethiopia has achieved a lot during the last decade and our country is ready to support Ethiopia to continue these processes,” Bahreini told Press TV.

He added that “there is much room for cooperation between the Iranian private sector and the Ethiopian companies working in different areas, including energy, power transmission, housing, the construction of railroads and roads and agriculture.”

The ambassador said that the two countries have a “commonality of being symbols of the oldest civilizations and thus, they need to strengthen bilateral cooperation.”

Officials within the Ethiopian government told on Sunday that they were looking at a number of proposals, but had yet to take any decision on the matter, but expected to approve at least a few of the investment ideas.

“We will have the exchange of some delegations between Iran and Ethiopia composed of governmental and non-governmental sectors in order to get familiar with each other’s potential and to have consultations and negotiations on how to establish cooperation in different fields, particularly in economic fields,” Bahreini said.

By Bikyamasr


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