Iran plans to enhance drone capability

Iran news headlines on Saturday include Head of Iran Aviation Industries Organization remarks over Iran increasing drone capability, U.S. Congress reports on Iran’s long-range missiles, Iranian warships docking in Port Sudan, Iranian Health Minister urging banks to get currency for importing medicine and US reports on seven companies investing in Iran’s energy sector.

Iran plans to enhance drone capability

Head of Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) said that two models of semi-heavy and mid-size choppers, which can be used for military logistics and other purposes, will be unveiled in Iran’s International Aviation Industry Exhibition. Iran will display its capabilities in four main areas in the Sixth International Aviation Industry Exhibition due to be held in the Persian Gulf island of Kish on December 10-14, Head of Iran’s Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) Manouchehr Manteghi told reporters here in Tehran on Saturday.

Iran’s long-range missiles said to lag U.S. intelligence fears

An internal report for the U.S. Congress has concluded that Iran probably is no longer on track, if it ever was, to having an ocean-crossing missile as soon as 2015. The study casts doubt on a view long held by U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran could be able to test-fly by 2015 an intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, if it receives “sufficient foreign assistance.”

Iran warships dock in Sudan

Two Iranian warships docked in Port Sudan on Saturday, a witness said, marking the second port call by the Iranian navy in Sudan in five weeks. The Sudanese military said it was a “normal” port call but Israeli officials have expressed concern about arms smuggling through Sudan.

Iran’s health minister urged banks to get money for importing medicine

Iranian Health Minister Marziyeh Vahid Dastjerdi has urged local banks to get currency for importing medicine into the country. “There is no prohibition towards importing raw materials and medical equipment into the country. The only problem is the allocation of foreign currency to importing the necessary materials from abroad,” Dastjerdi said.

Some foreign firms still active in Iran’s energy sector: U.S. report

At least seven companies from China, India, South Korea and South Africa continued to have investments in in 2012 even as Tehran came under international scrutiny for its nuclear ambitions, a U.S. government watchdog said on Friday. A new U.S. law signed in August gave the Obama administration the authority to sanction firms that help Iran develop its energy resources, a key source of revenue for the country.


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