Pakistan, Iran to enhance military, defence cooperation

Iran would soon launch a drone aircraft equipped with ultra-modern technology. Pakistan and Iran would enhance co-operation between military as well as Defence Ministries of both the countries.

“We had downed American RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone successfully which came from Afghanistan side for spying of our country. Iran had demonstrated its technological skills by bringing down an American drone and it had been able to penetrate the code and security of the drone using its own scientific strength. The US said Iran could not detect the information from RQ-170 Sentinel Spy drone, but we (Iranian) decoded the information and also gathered information about Osama Bin Laden,” head of a visiting Iranian delegation Alaeddin Boroujerdi expressed these views in a meeting of Senate’s Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production held at Parliament House on Monday.

Giving an account of Iran’s progress in science and technology, Chairman National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, Borojourdi, who is a former Deputy Foreign Minister, told the committee that it was the era of ultra modern technology and the world would soon observe the modern technology of Iran with the launch of drone spy.

“We are much worried about Afghanistan’s situation; today armed forces of 48 countries are there. We want sovereignty and freedom of Afghan people intact,” he added. Boroujerdi further said that Iran would continue its political support as well as supply of sophisticated equipments including missiles and ammunition to Jihadi organisations that are fighting in Lebanon such as Hizbullah and the Hamas and Islamic Jehad in Palestine. He said that all Muslim countries should make efforts to unite Muslim Ummah and for this purpose Iran would strongly support the efforts toward this end. He said that the Ulema of all schools of thought should sit together and build consensus on some major point in Islam.

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