Iranian MP decries cyber police “violations” over blogger’s death

Iran news headlines on Tuesday include Iranian MP decrying cyber police over blogger Beheshti’s death, US official allegation on Iran sending more weapons to Hamas, German authorities arresting a businessman over exporting satellite technology to Iran, British judges refusing to extradite former Iranian diplomat to US, sidelining of two Israeli opponents of Iran strike in vote and Hamas asking Iran not to back Assad regime.

Iranian MP decries cyber police “violations” over blogger’s death

A senior Iranian MP criticized the nation’s cyber security force for “violations” in the wake of the death in police custody of a blogger, Press TV reported late on Monday. In a case that has sparked international outrage, 35-year-old Sattar Beheshti, who wrote a blog critical of the government, was arrested on October 30 after receiving death threat. He died some days later.

Iran “finding ways” to supply more weapons to Hamas

Iran is “finding ways to resupply Hamas” with long range rockets and other weapons even after the intense fighting between Hamas and Israel that ended in a cease-fire last week, a senior U.S. official told CNN. The issue is sure to be a problem as Israel and Hamas work out further terms of the cease fire agreement.

Germany arrests businessman over Iran exports

German authorities say they have arrested a businessman suspected of violating restrictions on exports to Iran by supplying equipment typically used in satellite technology to the country.

British judges refuse to extradite former Iranian diplomat to US

Nosratollah Tajik, 59, was the target of an American sting operation in London six years ago and is wanted on suspicion of conspiring to export US defence night-vision weapons sights to Iran without a licence. The ex-Iranian ambassador to Jordan turned engineering scholar was arrested in 2006 after agents from the US Department of Homeland Security pretended to be co-conspirators.

Israeli opponents of Iran strike sidelined in vote

At least two key advisers helping hold Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu back from a threatened war with Iran have been sidelined in a party primary to pick candidates for a January 22 election, political sources said on Tuesday. Dan Meridor and Benny Begin, two of eight cabinet ministers who form Netanyahu’s inner council, were trounced in an internal election by more hawkish members of the ruling Likud party on Monday, raising doubts over their return to the next government.

Hamas: Iran losing Arab sympathy for backing Assad

Iran must reconsider its support for the Syrian regime if it does not want to alienate Arab public opinion, the deputy chief of the Iranian-backed Palestinian movement Hamas said on Monday. “Iran’s position in the Arab world, it’s no longer a good position,” Mussa Abu Marzuk, whose movement’s politburo had been based in Damascus, said during a briefing to reporters at his new headquarters in the Egyptian capital.


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