Iranian President hopes Pak-Iran gas pipeline to complete in 2014

By Associated Press of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Nov 22 (APP): Iranian President Mahmood Ahmedinejad Thursday said that Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project would be completed by 2014.Addressing a news conference in Islamabad this evening, he said work is speedily in progress for laying of gas pipelines in Iran.The Iranian President said his country is cooperating with Pakistan in the energy sector. Iran would provide one thousand megawatt electricity to Pakistan, he added.The President of Iran, who is here in Islamabad to attend the D-8 Summit said Pakistan and Iran enjoy cordial relations.He said D-8 summit in Islamabad was a success and it will help promoting trade and economic ties between the member states.The Iranian leader said there are threats to his country but they know how to defend their country.

Earlier, while addressing the D-8 summit, the Iranian President said world needs a new order on the basis of the fundamental principles of justice and humanity.
He said, “over the past decades we have been witnessing the emergence of a more-complicated form of colonialism and hegemony which has been tightening its grip on the world resources, imposing its toll on all of us one way or another.”
The Iranian President said prejudices and conflicts among nations are instigated in the name of religion such as the situation affecting large parts of Asia and Africa.
He said that discrimination in the international relations by using the Security Council and the prevailing economic mechanisms has caused a widening gap between the rich and the poor and widespread poverty in many countries.
Ahmadinejad said that independent nations are threatened and coerced through organized campaigns intended to hinder their progress.
“They have been occupying Palestine for decades under false pretexts. The main owners of Palestinian Land have either been expelled out of their homeland living as refugees in other countries, or are put in jail and the target of constant barbaric attacks of the uncivilized Zionists.
Today, the oppressed people of Gaza have become the victims of these expansionist policies,” he said.
Ahmadinejad said, “Our countries and our nations because of their historical past, rich cultures and unique resources can and must play a prominent role in defining and building the future world order.”
He said that justice, love and freedom constitute the foundations of the new order, and recognized as a right for all human beings.
He said human beings are entitled to enjoy sustainable peace, security, welfare and progress as their inalienable rights.
“We all seek to put an end to hegemony, unilateralism, occupation, arms race and violation of countries sovereignties,” said the President.
Iranian President said, “In addition to cultural bonds and principles, our nations and countries are endowed with great economic, political and geographical potentials.”
“We can and we must cooperate to exploit appropriately these resources and potentials towards the prosperity of our nations and for reforming the present world order,” he added.
He called for formation of a permanent economic working group with the presence of senior experts of member countries for a fair development of economic relationship.

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