Iranian MP: Pharmaceutical supplies end within two months

By The Journal of Turkish Weekly

A member of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) Rasoul Khezri has said that pharmaceutical supplies of the country will be sufficient just for two months.
Rasoul Khezri told the Majlis website that the supply of medicine is currently in a critical condition, according to the food and drug organization of Iran, which runs under the supervision of the ministry of health.

Khezri put the blame on the restrictions in the system of payment to foreign companies due to international sanctions.

Iran plans to ban the export of the goods where the official rate of US dollar (12,260 rials) has been used for their raw material imports.

On September 22, the Mehr news agency quoted director of the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization as saying that the imports of some specific goods, which are also domestically manufactured, may be limited in a bid to prop up domestic producers.

“The domestic production will be supported as much as possible observing the market situation,” the TPOI official Kiyumars Fathollah Kermanshahi said.

The Iranian Central Bank has recently ordered all the branches to pay official rate dollar (12,260 rials) to importers just for importing a certain group of goods.

The goods include red and white meat, livestock, corn, barley, soy bean, edible oil, sugar, and milk powder, Mehr news agency reported.
The Central Bank has categorized the goods, which are to be imported, into ten total groups.


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