Iran can ban export of some 50 items

By Trend

Iran might be soon putting a ban on exports of some 50 items which include food and industry items, IRNA reported.

Iran’s protection of consumers and producers society sent a letter to the country’s Ministry of Commerce, which said that the society prohibits exports of some 50 items.

In case with food, the list includes wheat, sugar , vegetable oil, sheep, raw meat, corn, soybean, types of imported rice, imported tea, milk.

Other items include copper cathode, various tire types, industrial machinery equipment, imported auto parts, scrap iron, waste paper, various types of steel products and wood.

The list also includes specific chemicals materials, such as carbon soot, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, sulfonic acid, benzene, bicarbonate, polyethylene, melamine crystal and others.

The list is yet to be approved by the Ministry of Commerce, and is under review, for possible future edits.

In July, under the tightening international sanctions, Iran has started to stockpile emergency-first products, as part of country’s implementation of “economy of resistance”.

The stockpiled products included both domestic ones, and those imported from other countries.


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