Iran to begin producing 290 kinds of medicaments

By Trend

Iran’s Health Ministry intends to begin its own production of 290 kinds of medicaments to weaken the impact of Western sanctions, Iranian Deputy Health Minister Mustafa Ganei was quoted as saying today by the Iranian news agency İRNA.

The ingredients of medicaments are annually imported into the country to the amount of $600 million and medicaments produced by 70 Iranian pharmaceutical companies are distributed among pharmacies Ganei said.

“At present, we can produce 50 kinds of medicaments in Iran,” he said. “We will begin to produce 40 more kinds of medicaments for the next two months.”

He said that most of the medicaments produced today and those in the future are made for oncology.

The U.S and EU have placed anti-Iranian sanctions, covering financial, trade, energy and transport sectors which is having a negative impact on the Iranian economy. Besides the fall of the national currency, they have created the problems with the import of certain medicaments into the country.

According to the Iranian media, people have recently faced difficulty trying to find around 90 kinds of medicaments required for the treatment of infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses.


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