‘Iran has no problem in transferring money to foreign banks’

Spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Exchange Center Samad Karimi says the country has resolved the problem of transferring money to foreign banks and faces no difficultly with regards to this issue.

Karimi said on Tuesday that Iranian students studying aboard who have not received scholarship can buy foreign exchanges at governmental rates, adding that, “They can use the services of the Foreign Exchange Center by presenting valid documents.”

The Iranian official added that 1,200,000 dollars have been sold to importers and other Iranian entrepreneurs since the center was launched. This is while chairman of  the Society of Home Appliances Producers said on Tuesday that a number of factories have closed and some other are facing bankruptcy.

Mohammadreza Diani said the government has not provided the home appliance producers with governmental foreign exchange over the past few months. However, foreign appliances are being imported and sold at high prices in the Iranian market.

Earlier this month people took to streets in Tehran to protest the crisis over the country’s currency following the devaluation of the rial and soaring prices of goods after the EU imposed yet another round of sanctions against the country.

It is noteworthy that a number of political and economic analysts are blaming the Iranian government’s mismanagement for compounding the country’s economic woes.