Iranian MP calls for abandoning impeachment of ministers

By Trend

The deputy speaker of Iranian parliament (Majlis) Mohammad-Reza Bahonar has called MPs to abandon their motion to impeach industry and agriculture ministers for the time being, Fars reported.

“We negotiated with initiators of the impeachment plans and wanted them to postpone their actions for the time being,” Fars quoted Mohammad-Reza Bahonar as saying.

According to the Mehr News Agency, 39 MPs have signed the motion related to the agriculture minister Sadeq Khalilian and 65 MPs have signed the motion related to the industry minister Mehdi Ghazanfari.

Turbulence in the foreign exchange market, problems gripping the industrial sector, mismanagement in the mining sector, and also problems facing poultry and egg production are among the major reasons behind the impeachment idea.

MPs are also seeking to sign a motion to summon President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to explain about incidents which occurred last week in Iran’s foreign exchange free market.

On October 3, a number of people held a demonstration near the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, using the sharp fall in the value of the Iranian rial as a pretext.

According to reports, businessmen are unhappy about the performance of the administration in regulating the foreign exchange market, saying it has caused instability in prices.

The USD rate in Iran increased from 13, 000 rials in the beginning of 2012 to 25, 000 in mid September, but suddenly rose to 36,000 during a week on Iran’s open market in late September.


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