Hezbollah drone operation shows weakness of Israeli defenses: Iran

By The Daily Star

BEIRUT: Iran said over the weekend a recent Hezbollah drone operation into Israel demonstrated the weakness of Jewish state’s defenses.

“The so-called Iron Dome of the Zionist regime’s defense space collapsed by this action and it became clear that the Zionist regime could not be safe from the fury of the Muslim community,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said Sunday, according to Press TV.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah confirmed Thursday that his group was behind an Iranian-made drone that Israel shot down last week.

Israel’s Iron Dome is a missile and rocket defense system that was officially launched in 2011.

The aerial mission over Israel, Vahidi said, also proved that the Lebanese resistance group “would be in full [combat] readiness in rainy days and would firmly respond to any infringement by the Zionist regime.”

On Thursday, Nasrallah said the drone, codenamed “Ayoub” was manufactured in Iran but assembled by Hezbollah.

In an apparent confirmation that the drone was made in Iran, Vahidi said: “Whatever we have at our disposal will be used at the proper time in defending the Muslim community and Islamic territories and that’s natural,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said Sunday.

“Given the Zionist regime’s frequent incursions into the Lebanese airspace, we see it as the natural right of Lebanon’s Hezbollah to fly its drone above the occupied territories,” he added.


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