Ahmadinejad: no retreat for nuclear issues

By The Voice Of Russia

Yesterday at a press conference in Teheran Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the Islamic republic will not retreat on its nuclear rights.

Ahmadinejad also commented on his earlier announcement that his republic may give up the production of 20-percent enriched uranium, saying that such production is “costly”. He added that in case other countries could provide them with 20-percent enriched uranium, they would be ready to exchange 3.5-percent enriched uranium they have for it. However, “so far there has been nobody to provide the fuel,” he said. Ahmadinejad noted that 20-percent enriched uranium is needed for medicine production.

Meanwhile, an Iranian lawmaker had come with a statement on Tuesday that in case negotiations between major powers and Iran would prove ineffective, they could not guarantee they would keep uranium enrichment limited to 20 percent. He claimed that Iranian youth would master enrichment of uranium up to 60-percent purity to fuel submarines and ocean-going ships.

The last round of negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program ended in June. As no breakthrough had been achieved, the sides had decided to resume the negotiations in the near future.

Since then Israel has repeatedly issued warnings that in case no actions would be taken to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, his country would be forced to perform a unilateral attack on Iran. The United States prefer to keep within the frames of economic sanctions and diplomacy.


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