Iran reveals how it can wreck U.S. and Israeli helicopters

By Trend

Iran has revealed how it can wreck or distable the U.S. Apache and Israeli attack helicopters, Fars reported.

Head of Iranian Army Research Organization Masud Zavarei spoke of Iran’s military achievements that could damage the enemy helicopters.

“The Shahed sniper rifle has been manufactured in Iran to specifically to damage enemies’ helicopters. We know their vulnerabilities, as you cannot cover helicopters with an aura of steel,” Zavarei said.

He said that the enemy helicopters have some sensitive areas, which can be damaged with “Shahed” sniper rifle, adding that the weaknesses of U.S. and Israeli helicopters have been in the focus of attention of Iran’s military.

Several days ago Iran unveiled country’s new, domestically made 14.5 mm sniper rifle “Shaher”.

During the presentation of the weapon, Iran’s Land Forces commander Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said the rifle has a shot range of 4000 meters, and having high shot accuracy, is able to shoot through enemy bunkers, armored vehicles and helicopters.


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