Iran produces film on Prophet Mohammad’s life

By Al-Manar

As anger is at its peak all around the Islamic world at the US produced anti-Islam movie that offended Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), award-winning Iranian director Majid Majidi announced that his new movie on Prophet Mohammad’s life is almost completed.

The movie, which cost over 30 million dollars – the highest budget spent on a film in Iran in the past two years – is a three part historical epic that narrates the prophet of Islam’s childhood, specifically before he was 12 years old, that before the revelation, and his life after revelation and the spread of Islam.

The shooting of the fim started last October in south Iran, and the movie is expected to be broadcast in December.

Iranian directors had issued a statement on Friday , condemning the “Innocence of Muslims” film that insulted the Islamic Prophet, reassuring that “such a move would never harm the radiant face and image of Prophet Mohammad”.

In a separate statement Majid Majidi also condemned the move, saying that “those who have produced the sacrilegious film intend to portray Islam and its prophet as a Taliban-like sect, but to no avail.”

According to Fars news agency, “the statement further blamed the regional dictators who have been recently overthrown by their people for such a desecration of Islam, cautioning that their lack of action in previous cases has emboldened such arrogant individuals”.


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