Iran Communications Minister: Internet speed is slow for security reasons

Reza Taghipour Iran's Minister of Communications and information technology Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Reza Taghipour has said that internet speed is slow in Iran for security reasons.

Given several malware cyber attacks on Iran’s internet system, sometimes we’re forced to tighten security considerations and this causes limitations in bandwidth and internet speed, Iran’s ICT Minister Reza Taghipour said in an interview with IT reporter of ISNA.

Iran’s Communications Minister referred to Internet submarine cable disruption as another reason for Iran’s slow internet, but he added that this problem has been solved by creating a parallel submarine cable on the floor of the Gulf of Oman.

Reza Taghipour has also announced the increase of Internet bandwidth, saying that at the beginning of the ninth government, we received international bandwidth of 7 ports, but now the number of ports has been doubled to 14.

However, Iranian internet users are complaining about their slow internet speed and service disruptions, and it seems that increasing of the Internet bandwidth has not directly affected on the quality of the internet Iranian citizens use, BBC Persian said.


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