US emphasis on diplomacy to deal with Iran’s nuclear program

There is still time for diplomacy to resolve the crisis over Iran’s disputed nuclear program, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Wednesday.

“The United States’ position on the Iranian nuclear threat has not changed”, Victoria Nuland said in a press conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, adding that the view “is that we believe there is still time for diplomacy to work, but we need to see a better effort from the Iranians to answer the concerns that we’ve had, So, we are focused on trying to have this dual-track policy of diplomacy backed by pressure work, and we are still focused on that,” Israel national news reported.

“We are focused on combining diplomacy and pressure, trying to get Iran to be serious at the negotiating table and we are in full consultations with the Israelis about the picture that we see, and we will continue to make those points clear,” DW quoted Nuland as saying.

She added “but we have made absolutely clear to them that our view is that there is still time for diplomacy to work.”

Asked specifically whether the U.S. ever indicated to Israel that if it decides to strike in Iran, the U.S. would have its back, Nuland replied “the security of our Israeli ally is of paramount concern to us.”