Baghdad nuke talks; Iran’s concessions

Baghdad talks are being started today, West proposals and Iran’s demands are main concerns of the meeting.

Undoubtedly, Baghdad talks are the final station of negotiations between Iran and West. But even if the issue of Iran’s nuclear program resolved, Iran-West clashes are deeper than it can be resolved by some rounds of negotiations.

In such circumstances, it seems that Iran is seeking to take great advantages of the created relationship with western countries.

First of all, Iran would benefit from receiving guarantee for survival of its regime. Then, it would strengthen its role in the region.

First, Arab countries and Israel, in the second, China and Russia are obstacles to normalize Iran-West relationship. Meanwhile, Iran has provided a good package to deliver to the West as a concession in order to achieve its demands, seemingly.

The concessions would be handed by Iran is not so much that the west needs not to continue negotiations, but to the extent that western countries can call it a triumph. Probably, these concessions are:

1. Limiting uranium enrichment to 5 percent

2. Exchanging 20 percent uranium with research reactor fuel plate in Tehran

3. Accepting NPT additional protocol

4. Agreeing to continue the negotiations with West.

G5+1 may see these concessions as a great victory and keeping Iran away from nuclear weapons, while Iran knows all these games are designed to prevent it from accessing to strategic defensive weapons in the time of Israel’s attack that will come sooner or later.