Conservatives try to dialogue with US

Alef, the site run by an Iranian conservative Majlis member and the government critic, tries to dialogue with the  State Department Persian spokesman, Alan Eyre. 

While US President Barack Obama vowed on last Friday (March 31) to forge ahead with tough sanctions on Iran and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called US, Iran’s great enemy, Alef,  the site run by Ahmad Tavakoli, an Iranian conservative majlis member and the government critic, tries to start a question and answer session in which viewers of the site can ask questions of Alan Eyre, the State Department Persian spokesman.

Alan Eyre has been appointed as the first Persian-language Spokesman for the State Department about a year ago, and has a duty to explain the positions and policies of US government and respond to Iranian people questions, Alef says.

According to this conservative-run site, Alan Eyre (Alef’s special guest), who entered the State Department as a diplomat in the mid 90s, has been interested in Persian language and Iranian history and civilization since 20 years ago.

Raja News, a radical and pro-Ahmadinejad site, criticized Alef’s move, calling it a strange and meaningful advertising reportage.

Raja News, also, criticized Alef for not referring to the history of US hostility with the Islamic Revolution and Iranian people, and introducing its special guest – Alan Eyre – as an American, interested in Iranian history and civilization, now answering Iranian’s destined questions and their possible ambiguities.

While Iran-US relationship is of high tension these days and Obama closed the way for any reconciliation with Iran by imposing fresh sanctions on Iran last week, it seems that Alef, a conservative-run site, has opened a new approach to dialogue with US. It should be noted that Alef, under the pressure, had to remove the post.