The iran project News related to Iran, specially political, military and regional news! Sat, 31 Jan 2015 19:33:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Iran conducts counter-sabotage drills at sensitive nuclear enrichment site Sat, 31 Jan 2015 19:28:02 +0000 monire@Iran TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Friday carried out a set of unannounced counter-sabotage drills at its Fordo uranium enrichment site to upgrade the skills, knowledge and preparedness level of its experts and reduce their reaction time against foreign threats.

The highly important exercises codenamed, Mersad, were staged without prior notice and under the directions of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Chief Ali Akbar Salehi and based on a plan worked out by Director of the AEOI Nuclear Safety and Security Department and AEOI Civil Defense Committee director.

Different teams from AEOI Nuclear Safety and Security Department, Fordo Nuclear Site’s Rescue and Fire Department as well as technical and engineering units took part in the drills which were conducted on the basis of a worst-case scenario.

Evaluation of personnel preparedness and alertness, test and assessment of equipment as well as reaction time and approaches to possible threats and upgrading personnel skills were announced among the main objectives of the drills.

Experts said the counter-sabotage drills at Fordo could be labeled as the most crucial and most effective exercises in the history of the country’s civil defense.

Fordo is an underground uranium enrichment facility built deep under the mountains near the city of Qom in Northern Iran.

The nuclear site was used by Iran to produce 20-percent grade fuel for the Tehran research reactor which produces radioisotopes for cancerous patients after the world powers and the UN nuclear agency refrained from supplying fuel to the reactor even under tight IAEA monitoring and control.

Iran stopped 20-percent uranium enrichment in a voluntary move under the Geneva interim deal with the six world powers which was signed in November 2013, but came into practice in January 2014.

By Fars News Agency


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Iranian mother pens letter to ISIL hostage mom Sat, 31 Jan 2015 19:18:54 +0000 monire@Iran

Japanese freelance journalist Kenji Goto who has been held captive by ISIL militants

An Iranian mother has written a letter to sympathize with the mother of the Japanese freelance journalist, Kenji Goto Jogo, held captive by ISIL militants, saying the terrorist group’s policies have nothing to do with Islam.

In a recent video posted online, ISIL militants showed the Japanese captive, saying he would be killed unless Jordan released a female militant.

The video shows Goto holding the photo of a dead body allegedly belonging to Haruna Yukawa, another Japanese hostage that had been captured by the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

In a letter to the Japanese prime minister last week, Goto’s mother, Junko Ishido, begged Shinzo Abe to secure his son’s release.

“Please save Kenji’s life.… His remaining time is very short…. I beg you to do everything in your power,” Ishido said, reiterating that her son was not an enemy of Islam.

In reaction to Ishido’s appeal, an Iranian female social media activist wrote a letter to Goto’s mother, expressing sympathy with her.

“Please accept my sympathy in these bitter and stressful moments. I know that you wish … time could be stopped forever, so that the ISIL deadline for your son would not arrive,” said part of the letter by Atefeh Talqani.

Talqani said she believed Junko’s words that Kenji had traveled to Syria for humanitarian purposes, adding that she sympathizes with the Junko as a Muslim woman and mother.

She said the ISIL militants who have held Kenji captive are not Muslims contrary to what they proclaim.

“Those who have held Kenji Goto Jogo and killed his friend are not Muslims despite their claims, and their bestial behavior is not compatible with Islamic tenets at all,” she noted.

The Iranian mother described ISIL militants as brutal people who attribute themselves to Islam to “justify their extremist and inhumane acts,” adding that Muslims all around the world abhor the Takfiri militants’ policies.

Islam is based on brotherhood among all human beings across the globe, the Iranian mother said, stressing that the Prophet of Islam condemned any act that leads to the killing of people.

Talqani concluded her letter by wishing for the release of Kenji’s son.

By Press TV


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Tehran Stock Exchange ends 286 units higher Sat, 31 Jan 2015 19:01:48 +0000 monire@Iran

File photo of Tehran Stock Exchange.

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s main share index increased by 286 units on Saturday, the first working day this week, continuing the upward trend over the past few weeks.
The Tehran Stock Exchange Index (TEDPIX) increased by 286 units to close at 65.542 points, data released by the TSE showed on Saturday.

The recent gains in the Tehran Stock Exchange come against the backdrop of a surge in foreign investment in Iran’s capital market.

TSE opened in February 1967. During its first year of activity, only six companies were listed in TSE. Then Government bonds and certain State-baked certificate were traded in the market.

The Tehran Stock Exchange has come a long way. It has evolved into an exciting and growing marketplace where individual and institutional investor trade securities of over 420 companies.

TSE, which is a founding member of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges, is seen as one of the world’s best performing stock exchanges in the years 2002 through 2013.

By Tasnim News Agency


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Envoy: Iran paving way for broader presence of Iranian firms in Russian market Sat, 31 Jan 2015 18:54:18 +0000 monire@Iran TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanayee announced that President Hassan Rouhani’s government is resolved to help the country’s companies to increase their presence in the Russian market.

“Iranian embassy in Moscow has made its utmost efforts to pave the way for the presence of the Iranian companies in Russia,” Sanayee told a meeting with Iranian company directors attending Russia’s Interplastika Exhibition in Moscow on Saturday.

The Iranian ambassador noted that the embassy considers broadening of ties with Russia in economic and trade fields to be as important as expansion of political and cultural relations.

“President Rouhani’s government pays special attention to the expansion of ties with Russia and the embassy is also making a lot of efforts in this regard,” Sanayee added.

A sum of eight companies from Iran participated in the Interplastika exhibition in the Russian capital and they signed 32 memoranda of understanding (MoU) with the Russian companies during their stay there.

Earlier this month, Sanayee said that his country has carried out all preliminary steps for the promotion of ties with Moscow, and called for the implementation of previously signed agreements.

Sanayee emphasized the need for both Tehran and Moscow to take giant strides towards a full scale mutual cooperation.

Earlier this week, Sanayee announced that Tehran and Moscow have a plan to establish a joint bank to ease bilateral trade through using their national currencies.

“Both Tehran and Moscow are resolved to establish a joint bank, or joint account, in order to pave the ground for using rubles and rials for their commercial interactions,” Sanayee told Ria Novosti in an interview.

The Iranian ambassador added that relations between Moscow and Tehran “are actively developing” and that 2014 was “a very fruitful year” for both countries.

Over the last several years, Iran and Russia have had vast cooperation in different fields, specially in political and economic spheres.

By Fars News Agency


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Iran must strengthen foothold in West Bank: IRGC commander Sat, 31 Jan 2015 18:38:15 +0000 monire@Iran

File photo shows Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi.

A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it has become a necessity for Iran to enhance its powerbase in the West Bank.

Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi said Saturday that Iran must try to increase its military power in the West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip in order to contain Israel inside the occupied territories.

“We must contain Israel … so that it never dares to speak about a missile attack on Iran, we must reinforce our power in the West Bank and Gaza,” said Masjedi, who serves as top advisor to commander of IRGC Quds Force.

The high-ranking commander urged the Palestinian movements inside the West Bank to stop negotiating with Israelis and instead, engage in armed resistance against the Tel Aviv regime.

“The Palestine Liberation Organization must know that what brings them victory is not political negotiation but only resistance and (military) power, and this is what Hezbollah and Hamas have been doing,” Masjedi said while addressing a conference in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

Hezbollah attack just the beginning

The Iranian commander also elaborated on the recent retaliatory attack by Hezbollah fighters in south Lebanon which killed two Israeli soldiers and left nine more injured. The attack was in response to Israel’s killing of six Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian commander on January 18 in the Syrian Golan Heights.

Masjedi described Hezbollah as a “powerful” and “wise” organization which never makes any uncalculated, hasty decision.

He said Israelis call Hezbollah chief Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah as the “honest man,” meaning that they trust his words when he warns about retaliation.

“Hezbollah’s recent action was not the ultimate response to the Zionist regime,” he warned the Israelis.

Commenting on Iran’s assistance to Hezbollah, the commander said Iran’s support has enabled the resistance group defend itself against the Israelis.

“Hezbollah … has gained the power to deter the threats and make the enemy regret its acts of aggression in all forms of confrontation,” he said.

By Press TV


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Iran’s coverage: Obama has given Iranians “80 percent of what they want,” Israeli officials reportedly claim Sat, 31 Jan 2015 15:30:14 +0000 monire@Iran Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:


Obama has agreed to 80 percent of Iran’s demands in nuclear talks, Israeli officials tell Ch. 10

Israeli officials told Channel 10 on Friday that they are convinced the Obama administration has already agreed to most of Iran’s demands in the P5+1 negotiations over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Leader describes Iran’s independence as root cause of bullying powers’ enmity

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei described Iran’s independence as the main cause of the bullying powers’ hostility towards the country, adding that Iran needs to speed up scientific progress in various fields.


Trade turnover between Russia and Iran can double to reach $2-2.5 bln in 2015 — expert

Trade turnover between Russia and Iran can reach $2-2.5 bln in 2015, the general director of the Russian-Iranian business council Rajab Safarov said on Thursday at RosIranNefterkhim-2015 international conference.

Iran rejects rumors bank head has fled the country

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has rejected rumors spread in social networking sites that a head of a private bank has fled the country.


Rouhani against gender discrimination in sports

President Rouhani, while stressing the necessity of removing gender discrimination, privatization in sports and countering corruption, stated that public sport is a priority for the government.


Iran and 5+1 likely to hold meetings in Munich

Iran’s nuclear negotiating team headed by FM Mohammad Javad Zarif will travel to Munich on Friday, February 6.


Iran interested in cooperation with Russia’s Sibur

A representative of Tabriz Petrochemical Company said that it plans to offer Sibur a partnership in rubber and polymer sales.

Rouhani hits back at criticism of nuclear team

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threw his weight behind the country’s diplomats engaged in nuclear talks with six world powers, saying unfair objections raised by critics go counter to the national interests.


Iran condemns terrorist attack on Pakistani Shia prayers

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman denounced recent terrorist acts against innocent people in a Shia mosque in Pakistan, claiming the lives of over 60 Shia Muslims.

Supreme Leader: Politics must not get involved in scientific centers

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday urged Iranian scientists not to let politics get involved in scientific and research centers.


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Kerman holds biggest Zoroastrian Sadeh Festival Sat, 31 Jan 2015 13:58:11 +0000 monire@Iran KERMAN, Jan. 31 (MNA) – On 30 Jan. each year, Zoroastrians from all over Iran and other countries gather in Kerman, southeast of Iran, to celebrate the Zoroastrian Sadeh festival by burning firewood outdoors.

Every year, on 30 January, thousands of Zoroastrians or even the Muslims in Iran as well as other countries gather in Kerman, the city with the greatest Zoroastrian population, to celebrate the religious feast of Jashn-e Sadeh by burning firewood in an open space to signify the coming of spring and to defeat the forces of darkness, frost and cold.

Sadeh celebrates 50 days before Nowrouz, the Persian New Year. Sadeh (meaning ‘hundred’ in Persian) is a mid-winter festival that refers to one hundred days and nights past the end of summer.

Mohammad Ali Golabzadeh, researcher and expert on Kerman, told Mehr News that the ceremony is still celebrated like the ancient times in Kerman, Yazd, and some other Iranian cities.

“Although Sadeh is attributed to Zoroastrians, the ceremony itself has its roots in Kerman’s rituals and even the Muslims participate in it,” he said, adding that for the majority of Iranians Sadeh had no religious significance and everyone gathered to have a good time and celebrate the precious things God has granted humanity.

By Mehr News Agency

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Police seize over 4.5 tons of narcotics in Western Iran Sat, 31 Jan 2015 13:52:47 +0000 monire@Iran TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s drug combat squads have seized more than 4,500 kilograms of illicit drugs in the Western province of Hamedan in the first ten months of the current Iranian year (March 21, 2014-January 21, 2015), a provincial police chief announced on Saturday.

“We seized over 4.5 tons of various types of narcotics in the first ten months of the current year,” Hamedan Province Police Chief Brigadier General Mohammad Mehdian-Nasab told FNA today.

He noted that a total number of 75 drug gangs were disbanded during the said period, and said, “Some 7,381 criminals have also been arrested on drug-related charges in the said period, which shows a 22-percent rise compared with the figures of the corresponding period in the last year.”

Iran lies on a major drug route between Afghanistan and Europe, as well as the Persian Gulf states. The country has recently established a central database and strengthened police-judiciary cooperation in a new effort to combat organized crime.

The Iranian anti-narcotic police have always staged periodic, but short-term, operations against drug traffickers and dealers, but reports – which among others indicate an improved and systematic dissemination of information – reveal that the world’s most forefront and dedicated anti-narcotic force (as UN drug-campaign assessments put it) continues its long-term countrywide plan to crack down on the drug trade which started over four years ago.

Iran has always complained about the EU and other international bodies’ lack of serious cooperation with Iran in the campaign against drug trafficking from Afghanistan.

By Fars News Agency


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South Pars to raise gas production to 75 mcm Sat, 31 Jan 2015 13:44:27 +0000 monire@Iran ASSALUYEH, Jan. 31 (MNA) – South Pars 12th phase contractor has said with finalization of sea platform maintenance, three platforms of 12th phase will produce 75 million cubic meters.

Pars Oil and Gas Co., public relations office quoted project director Rasoul Fallahnejad that during last October and November, 12th phase gas production capacity experienced a significant rise, reaching to 60 mcm from 12 mcm; “March 2014 saw the first cubic meters were injected to national pipeline network; during last 10 months, all platforms have entered production phase, contributing 5 bcm to the national network,” he added.

“The 12th phase has five land refineries, and sixth land refinery will be in the grid by ten days; the sum of six refineries will raise the position of the refinery sextet to second largest gas producer only next to Fajr refinery of Jam,” Fallahnejad asserted.

“The 12th phase was intended to produce 3 billion cubic feet of gas amounting to 84 mcm, and the ultimate amount produced will account for 15 percent of the country’s whole capacity,” he detailed.

By Mehr News Agency

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Iranian speaker condoles with Pakistan over friday attack Sat, 31 Jan 2015 13:40:22 +0000 monire@Iran TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani extended his condolences to the Pakistani people and government over the Friday terrorist attack on a Shiite congregation in Pakistan’s Shikarpur city, Sindh province, and said the attack unveiled the true face of sectarian groups.

“The terrorist blast in a Shiite mosque in Southern Pakistan, Shikarpur region, which martyred and injured a group of worshipers unveiled again the inhumane face of extremist sectarian streams more than ever,” Larijani said in a message on Saturday.

He expressed confidence that such incidents cannot damage Muslims’ unity and determination and will certainly increase their faith.

He condemned the terrorist attack and wished God’s mercy for the martyrs of the incident and rapid recovery for the wounded.

Earlier today, the Iranian foreign ministry also strongly deplored the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of tens of worshipers.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns the terrorist moves against the innocent people of all tribes and religions in Pakistan, believing that such actions run counter to the teachings of Islam and human values,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham.

She underlined the necessity for campaign against extremism and terrorism, and called for strengthening cooperation and solidarity among the regional states to fight extremism and terrorism and to protect unity among the world Muslims against the enemies divisive measures.

Afkham also extended the Iranian people and governments’ condolences to the bereaved families of the victims of the bitter incident.

An explosion at a Shiite mosque in Pakistan’s Southern Sindh province killed 60 people and left dozens more wounded.

Saqib Ismail Memon, a local police official in Shikarpur, told local media that the explosion occurred just before Friday prayers were due to begin, as a crowd had gathered outside the mosque.

The mosque is in the center of Shikarpur city, which is home to about 150,000 people, around 500km North of the port city of Karachi.

“Such attacks cannot lessen the spirit of the nation,” said Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, in a statement released shortly after the explosion.

Friday’s explosion is the second attack on a Shiite mosque since Pakistani security forces stepped up operations against the Pakistani Taliban and its allies following a December attack on a Peshawar school.

In a previous attack, seven people were killed when a Shiite mosque in the city of Rawalpindi was targeted in a suicide bombing on January 10.

By Fars News Agency


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