Photos: Azmighan village

IFP- The Azmighan village in northeastern Iran is a marvel of nature and a unique tourist attraction. Villages are the best destinations where one can directly get a sense of culture and traditions. Each village in every corner of the world has special features which draw tourists and visitors. Iran, too, is home to some of these settlements which bring together an amalgamation of scenic beauty, architectural marvels and rich history to display picturesque scenes. Now, we would like to take you to one of the most beautiful villages in northeastern Iran. The Azmighan village in South Khorasan province is nestled in the middle of a desert. Located some 1km above sea level, the village is one the most picturesque tourist attractions in the area. Sixty-eight families with a total of 223 members live in Azmighan. Like other desert homes, their houses are made with mud bricks, earth and wood. In local vernacular, Azmighan means a place to have fun and enjoy oneself.