PM Karapetyan proposes Iranian-Armenians to act as solid bridge between two states– On the sidelines of his official visit to Iran, the Prime Minister-led Armenian delegation called today at Ararat Sports and Cultural Complex, where they met with representatives of the local Armenians, including the business community.

PM Karen Karapetyan first presented the details and results of the talks held during the official visit, the press office of the Government reported.

He underscored that Armenia has great potential for economic cooperation with the neighboring Iran, and there are various proposals for its implementation, taking into account Armenia’s privileged economic regimes and opportunities. The Premier noted that regional cooperation, Armenia-Iran-Turkmenistan trilateral cooperation in particular, was discussed with the Iranian authorities.

“I am convinced that the trilateral cooperation will go a long way towards increasing trade turnover. In general, we have agreed with our Iranian partners to re-launch our bilateral relations, as well as to continue making joint efforts in a bid to pool our capabilities with a view to achieving good results,” the prime minister said.

Addressing the representatives of the Iranian-Armenian community, he stated in part: “I suggest you all act as a solid bridge with your steps between Armenia and Iran not only for patriotic motives, but also through profitable business projects. I am convinced that there are opportunities to implement profitable programs in Armenia, and my government will support any such undertaking. I suggest you live in two homes, one here and the other in Armenia.”

Karen Karapetyan presented the reforms initiated by the Government of Armenia, stressing that the steps taken in the economic sphere seek to provide equal and favorable conditions for business.

“We have started reforms in all directions, taking into account the results of a comprehensive diagnosis. Our goal was to diagnose what is particularly hindering the development of the economy. In that regard, our programs are aimed at improving the efficiency of governance, the economy, simplifying and improving tax and customs administration,” the head of Government said.

At the same time, he informed that 5.5% economic growth was recorded in Armenia in the first 8 months of this year, while the draft budget bill had originally envisaged a 3.2% growth.

“Exports have grown 21 percent, imports – 28.6%. It is gratifying that about 50% of imports are capital investments, aimed at business development rather than consumption. We are determined to develop transparency and equal conditions for our country’s economy and business. I am confident that we have all the necessary prerequisites to meet the growth target,” Karen Karapetyan pointed out.

Prime Minister Karapetyan answered a number questions concerning the development of Armenian-Iranian economic cooperation, the programs implemented in Armenia, the planned steps and projects in industry, tourism, transport, education, science, culture, as well as the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

In conclusion, the prime minister toured Ararat Sports and Cultural Complex, getting acquainted with its amenities and opportunities.