Iran to launch museum in Persepolis ancient site

IRNA – The newly discovered gateway to the city of Parse in the Persepolis, located in Iran’s Fars Province near Shiraz, will be turned into a museum, the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) said.

The site will soon be turned into a museum allowing all tourists to come and visit the historical site, the RICHT Public Relations Office quoted Head of the archeological exploration team Alireza Askari as saying on Saturday,

According to Askari, Iran Cultural Heritage Organization intends, by launching such a museum site, promote tourism in the area.

“The city of Parse in Persepolis is an expanded area of the debris of the ancient monuments around the Persepolis which was a city in the Achaemenid era,” he said.

The city is composed of several sections the main part of which was the Imperial Citadel with the same modern royal seat of the Persepolis, Askari added.

According to the archeologist, the gateway is a unique venue with the same size of the gateway of Babylon during the Cyrus.

The unique and common style of the two gateways of the Parse and Babylon in the Achaemenid era is indicative of the cultural link between Parse and Babylon, the head of the archeological exploration team said.

Babylon, the most important city of ancient Mesopotamia, is located in south of modern Iraq and during three millennia, especially during the Acheamenid era, it was the most important religious city in Mesopotamia, Askari added.

The chronology of the new gateway of the old section and the initial texture of the city of Parse in the Persepolis indicate that the gateway was built as a reminder of the conquest of Babylon by the Cyrus of the Achaemenid in Parse, he said.