Hundreds more of gunmen, family members to leave Northwestern Homs

FNA – A local official said that 1,500 gunmen and their family members will be evacuated from al-Wa’er district for Northern Aleppo later today.

Homs Governor Genera Talal al-Barazi confirmed that the ninth group of militants that have turned down the government’s peace offer will leave al-Wa’er in coming hours.

He further said that a sum of 1,500 people, including 300 up to 400 gunmen are to leave the district, adding that the last phase of the evacuation of gunmen and their family member will be implemented before May 20.

Local officials confirmed on Saturday that the 8th phase of the evacuation deal in Homs came to an end after over 1,150 gunmen and their family members were relocated from al-Wa’er district.

The sources said that a sum of 172 gunmen and 1,012 of their family members left al-Wa’er district for the border town of Jarabulus in Northeastern Aleppo on 29 buses within the framework of the 8th phase of the evacuation deal in the district under the supervision of Syria’s Red Crescent Society, the country’s security forces and the Russian military police.

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