Zarif: Well implementation of nuclear deal best option for US

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad-Javad Zarif, says well implementation of nuclear agreement is the best option for the American officials.

Zarif made the remarks in an interview with Lebanon-based and Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news network on Thursday.

The US government knows that sanctions against Iran are useless, Zarif added.

Speaking about some US officials’ anti-Iranian remarks, Zarif called them ineffective and noted that Obama government imposed several economic sanctions against Iran but the political result was contrary to their targeted goals and forced them to come to the negotiations table.

Iran is ready for all the options, foreign minister added.

Zarif rejected any contact with the new US foreign minister.

Pointing to US new government travel ban for certain Muslim majority countries, he said it will encourage terrorism and it is a gift to extremists.

Elaborating on Iran’s stance on Syria, Zarif said Iran advocates the sides that fight terrorism and Iran’s supports are aimed at fighting Daesh and al-Nosrah Front.

He underlined the necessity of global effort for fighting Daesh and said, “We should root out their financial resources.”

If US is serious to fight Daesh, it should prevent their access to arm, Zarif added.

He referred to some differences between Iran and Russia on Syria and noted that Tehran, Damascus and Moscow have no difference on major issues.

Iran is not against any cooperation between Russia and US in Syria if it results in conclusion of hostile actions in the region, Zarif added.

He said that Iran and Russia enjoy very good bilateral ties.

Zarif pointed to Iran, Russia and Turkey cooperation in Syria as big achievement and said Ankara is one of the major countries involved in the Syria crisis.

The foreign minister urged Turkey to prevent terrorist groups to have access to arm and financial helps.

He said difference with Turkey on Syria is natural, adding that some remarks of Turkish officials were unconstructive.

Zarif rejected Turkey’s charges of adoption of sectarian policy by Iran and reminded Turkish officials of Iran’s policy towards recent coupe d’etat in the country.

Nuclear agreement was not just an agreement with the US but it was a deal that can guarantee security, stability and peace in the region, he said.

Zarif noted that Iran seeks to develop ties with the regional countries including the Persian Gulf states.

“Of course it depends on our neighbors’ interest for working together; we should feel that Saudi Arabia is ready for cooperation,” he noted.

Zarif said, “Saudi Arabia should know that terrorism threats also this country.”

Elaborating on recent President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Oman and Kuwait, Zarif noted that the visit feedback shows there are common desire for improvement of ties.

Zarif criticized Bahraini rulers and said Bahraini rulers’ approach towards some religious Ulema and characters damages regional stability.

He also called for ending the Yemen war and noted that Iran has proposed a plan for beginning of dialogue among Yemeni groups and establishment of comprehensive government in the region.

“Sectarian differences serve Zionists and we should end them,” concluded Zarif.