Iran to launch cultural tourism in India: Official

March 12, The Iran Project – Iran will set up cultural tourism in India to get Indian people more familiar with the Iranian culture, says head of Iran Culture House in Mumbai.

Referring to the 60-year-old Iran Culture House in Mumbai, Mehdi Zare stressed different programs the house has already performed in India.

Iran Culture House also held Persian language courses at Indians request, Zare said.

He went on to say that about 90 percent of Indian students in Al-Mustafa ِInternational University (MIU) master Persian language, stressing this can provides proper capacity for cultural communication.

On the other hand, Indian Muslims regularly travel to Iran to visit the country’s religious sites so Iran Culture House plans to launch cultural tourism in India to communicate with Parsi population in the country (Immigrant Zoroastrians) and create a mutual atmosphere for the Indian people to get more familiar with the Iranian culture, he noted.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to the programs the Cultural House consider for Parsi population in Nowruz and said we will hold Nowruz ceremonies with their cooperation as before.

Regardless of religious affiliations, what Indian Muslims and Zoroastrians have in common about Nowruz are respecting for the peace, unity, reconciliation and neighborliness, and tolerating cultural differences.