Navy commander says no need to foreign equipment

IRNA – Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says that the naval forces do not need to buy any equipment from the Western countries.

“Today, we have taken steps beyond rehabilitation of the old equipment and moved towards building vessels and missile launchers,” Sayyari said Monday evening in this northeastern Iranian province.

Speaking to reporters here, the Navy commander said that just a few countries around the world are capable of constructing destroyers, the ability which Iran has achieved.

Iran today is building submarines, and the country’s naval forces are present in the free waters, he noted while referring to the Iranian naval capabilities.

Iran today has different missions in the international waters from the Indian Ocean to Somalia, said the commander adding, “If Iran were not there, the regional security would not exist.”

The Gulf of Aden, at present, is the most important place for exports and imports, Sayyari went on to say concluding “If we didn’t defend our interests in that region, we couldn’t provide the country’s economic security.”