DyFM: Europeans support JCPOA

IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for legal and international affairs Abbas Araqchi said on Monday that European message is to support Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and added that JCPOA has strong points, so that if President Trump put it aside, the US will be the big loser.

He made the remarks in a gathering dubbed as; ‘Iran’s economy outlook”.

Araqchi said that international consensus, which was against Iran before nuclear talks, has now turned into a consensus in support of JCPOA and against Trump and this is a big difference, which makes hands of President Trump or any other president tied.

The Deputy foreign minister said that Trump cannot put aside the JCPOA unilaterally, because it is an international agreement and except him and the Zionist regime and a few regional countries, all other states have supported the agreement.

‘We should be aware not to fall in a trap to force Iran to leave the agreement,’ Araqchi underlined.

He said that “I imagine that President Trump and his government will be committed to JCPOA, even if they pretend not to do so, the European message is that they support their companies to work with Iran.

Of course, a doubtful atmosphere has been created, but in the next one or two months these uncertainties will be removed and I am so optimistic that JCPOA will continue its route and new economic atmosphere will make progress.