Theresa May

What would be UK’s approach towards ME after Brexit?

February 24, The Iran Project – Britain is taking the last steps to exit from the European Union and after the Brexit, the UK will have greatly different approach to various fields. In the meantime, what is important for Iran is Britain’s approach to the Middle East after leaving the EU.

Even at the height of its power, European Union did not take a united approach to different issues and its powerful members kept alive the old rivalries within the Union. So the rivalries and conflicts along with the Union’s inability to form a complete political unit and remove nationalism made it unable to successfully take the final steps for being unified, like approving a united constitution, and drew them away from the golden age of unity to division.

Since the formation of the European Union, Britain has never completely complied with its decisions, for example its disagreement with the withdrawal of the pound from the business deals. On the other hand, when the cheaper labor force from the Eastern and Central Europe flooded the markets of Western Europe, the wages of indigenous British workers dropped, and British transnational corporations took advantage of the EU’s financial regulations, so the interests of different social classes of England and the Union were endangered and this surprisingly led to Brexit. And even scenarios such as the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox (a Dual scenario for removing a Palestinian defender and taking advantage of killing of someone was strongly in favor of Britain staying in the European Union to arouse public sympathy) was not effective.

Brexit and the Middle East

Meanwhile, what is important for Iran is the UK’s approach to the Middle East after Brexit since the ME has long been Britain’s source of income and golden treasure. The colonial country, however, has had other treasures such as Africa, India and pre-independence America but after the discovery of oil, the importance of the Middle East was increasingly enhanced for Great Britain.

Many of the ME’s current problems are rooted in the colonialism of Britain, where the loyal soldiers of the England’s queen frequently meddled in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. In many cases, they destroyed or decelerated the process of establishing democracies in these countries. According to Winston Churchill, maintaining the flow of Middle East oil is of great importance for the UK and on the other hand, this is the endless ME’s market that has kept Britain alive.

It seems that after leaving the EU, the UK will increasingly try to be present in the ME’s market and attempt to sell their goods, the most important of which is weapon. Of course, the process of selling weapons has already begun, for example Britain’s biggest arms company BAE Systems sold Eurofighter Typhoon jets to Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Saudis recently received new equipment and long-range air-to-ground missiles and they of course paid the bill.

Brexit and Iran

In its approach to Iran, Britain is looking mostly for its economic interests. So, Iran, being in a very good financial condition in the post-sanctions era, seems an appropriate case for the UK to develop its political relations with. Besides, after Britain leaving the EU, Iran-UK’s relations channels are definitely activated more directly and without the supervision of the Union, but it is not clear that this will result in the development of relations, or the UK, not being supervised by the European Union, will bully Iran.

It is worth mentioning that Iranian authorities should mange Iran-UK relations in a united way and use economy and private companies as a leverage to solve political problems and modify the UK government’s behavior, especially Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May. But the essential point here is accomplishing the mission cleverly, what is Mohammad Javad Zarif and his colleagues are expert in and if he continues to remain Iran’s foreign minister in the next presidency of Hassan Rouhani, we can hope the plan to be done successfully.