4th exhibition of Islamic Revolution’s digital media underway in Tehran

February 11, The Iran Project –The Fourth Exhibition of the Islamic Revolution’s Digital Media opened with the presence of cultural, artistic and media figures and cyberspace young activists.

The 4th exhibition of Islamic Revolution’s digital media has six different parts of internet, digital publishing and mobile, modern information technology, games and animation, international and cyberspace mental health clinic; also Modern information technologies is among new topics that have been added to the exhibition.

The exhibition, organized by Seraj Cyberspace Organization, provides an opportunity for the NGOs to present their works in the area of Islamic Revolution’s cyberspace.

It is also going to provide the opportunity for the presence of Telegram channels and Instagram pages for the first time.

In this regard, Mohammad Khorasani Zadeh, spokesman of the 4th Exhibition of the Islamic Revolution’s Digital Media referred to the main feature of the fourth period of the exhibition as the cyberspace section, i.e. people can recognize threats and opportunities of this field.

The Fourth Exhibition of the Islamic Revolution’s Digital Media, opening at Boostan Goftegoo (Dialogue Park) in Tehran on Tuesday, will last for six days addressing all walks of life, including students, parents, and teachers, academic and political elites.

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