May refuses Netanyahu’s call to impose new sanctions on Iran

The Guardian- Theresa May has resisted pressure to re-examine the viability of the international nuclear deal with Iran from her Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, who urged her to follow Donald Trump’s example by imposing fresh sanctions.

May also said only a two-state solution could bring about peace in the Middle East, and her spokeswoman said the extension of illegal settlements made a solution more difficult.

Netanyahu had said “responsible” countries should follow Trump in imposing new sanctions against Iran after it test-fired a ballistic missile. But May expressed her concern about Iran’s actions without saying there was a need for sanctions.

At their first meeting in No 10, Netanyahu was canvassing support from the prime minister ahead of a meeting he is due to hold with Trump later this month, which will reveal more about the new US administration’s policy towards the Middle East.

Trump’s spokesman issued a statement last week regretting the expansion of settlements on the West Bank, but some Israelis interpreted the White House remarks as a softening of opposition to the existing settlements.